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This is a very well maintained chinese restaurant, you can tell the food is made to order & is not pre made after taking a bite. The singapore noodles were delicious, and the restaurant has a really nice ambiance. I think the empty plates tell the story of how good the food really was, they have decent amount of vegetarian options which is a huge plus.

-Phani K.


One of the best general tso chicken and rice i’ve ever had! I also love the shrimp dumplings. They’re walnut brown sugar buns are heavenly. The honey green tea is really refreshing and the staff are so nice and friendly! 10/10!

-Katherine P.


You ever experience a meal where you get transported to your childhood or flashes of moments where you know you're experiencing someone else's childhood and in either case you're savoring momma's cooking or maybe someone's grandma. That's what this place does. Everything is so well made and packed full of enjoyment. Like really fun to eat. This place was a unexpected surprise. Ordered a whole array of items and I would bet you could blindly pick anything on the menu and it would be delicious. So much thought and perfection goes into every plate that it could only stem from generations of mothers putting love into a dish for her children.

-Nathan L.


I loved it 😍. The food was great and the fruit drink had delicious fresh fruit in it. Sone of the food was a bit on the spicy side for me but the individuals I attended dinner with loved it. I’m usually not a fan of bubble tea but I couldn’t stop drinking the milk bubble tea. Would 100% recommend you come here. The chicken fried dumplings was definitely my fav. Loved all the food I had. 15 stars ⭐️

Angelina J.

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DJ Kitchen
At DJ Kitchen, you can find a variety of cuisine such as DJ Milk Green Tea, Pork & Crab Soup Dumplings, Kung Pao Style, Sesame Bun, and Walnut Bun. We are conveniently located City Avenue. Order online for carryout or delivery!
Asian Noodles
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Sun: Noon - 9:45 PM
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